It divides compound plastic films - allowing not just to recycle, but to create "close to prime" raw materials.

Plastic pollution is a massive global problem. In Memmingen, Germany, for some years now a highly relevant innovation to provide part of the solution had been in development and is now ready to go to market and to scale.

When in doubt choose "Close to prime"

Plastics processing companies are facing two significant challenges these days:

1. The new EU packaging law demands twice the amounts of plastic waste to be recycled by 2020: 63% instead of 36% = almost double!

2. The trend shift within society/politics towards real sustainability respectively even more Corporate Social Responsibility


Only option so far: Downcycling. Or burning.


Close to prime granulates = high-quality raw materials.

Watch it doing its magic:

Now ready for you because some of us just couldn't wait.

Why is cleyond so far ahead in the process while others are still developing and researching? Some of our team already started development of “CLEAN LOOP” back in 2012. 

They started development at their own risk. 

They would not wait for a special ‚Go‘ or for the proof that this will be profitable. Admittedly, a small trace of madness might have been involved, but it was mainly about the clear vision that this is something the world needs. 

The way compound plastics are dealt with needed a dramatically better solution – and they were determined to find it.

cleyond memmingen

No "either or" anymore. Just AND.

Up to now, the endeavour to procure more green alternatives proved unrealistic due to qualitative lacks of the available recycled granulates as well as too-small production capacities. More ecological but still economical solutions for the processing of production waste need to be found – asap. 

CLEAN LOOP is now ready for your endeavours. And we are eager to explore even more high-quality recycling solutions such as in plastic-coated paper, PET/PE etc.

The ecological as well as economical solution. At last.

Loved by Nature

Nearly residue-free. The solvent used is non-toxic and reused at 99% level from loop to loop.

Quality makeover

Compound plastics production waste is transformed into a high-quality raw material

Winner combination

Now procurement does not have to decide between economic OR ecological options. With recyclates from cleyond you can have both.


It is – mainly due to the solvent that is used in the process which is non-toxic and will be reused to 99% within the next production loop.

Loop is intentionally chosen for its twofold meaning: a) because the solvent helping to divide the compound plastics will be used again and again and also b) because the technology helps us to contribute to the “circular economy” our world needs now.

At the very moment the plant in process is processing PA/PE compound plastics. However, research and development referring other high-volume applications will start soon.

Yes, they are. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss your needs. We’ll be glad to help.