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Token Economics

To use the CLEAN LOOP technology, a license for CLEAN LOOP is needed.

These licenses will exclusively be bought with CYO tokens.

Each CYO token is basically a part of a future license that allows and enables B2B cleints all over the world to make use of cleyonds cleantech solution. To buy on license, a licensee has to pay 750.000 CYO. The value of the license is calculated vs.„Time to ROI“ – a normal industry standard.

So a CYO token basically is a part of a license. CYO tokens are buying you a part of / or whole licenses for the CLEAN LOOP technology.

How does the pricing work?

  • the price of cyo token is based on the price of the licenses
  • the price of the licenses is based on a target time to ROI (return on invest)
  • the current calculatory price for 1 CYO token would be 10 €, they will be sold for 2 € in main sale – and even better  for you – for 1.50 in pre-sale.

By buying CYO token you will help the team at cleyond AG spread this important technology globally and do necessary research to create more use cases.

The smart contract makes sure the project stays en route.*

*What is a ’smart contract‘? It is…. dgfgfdggdfg fdgfdgdfgfd fdgfdgdfgf

That's the deal:

Pre Sale

till 15th of October 2018
per CYO Token
  • Branding included
  • KYC later
  • Userfriendly process 3min.

Main Sale

15th October 2018 - 15th January 2019
per CYO Token
  • Branding included
  • KYC later
  • Userfriendly process 3min.

Buying CYO: This is how it works

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Tokens will be minted.

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Your branded token(s).

Token Facts & Figures

  • CYO token is a utility token

  • The token is based on ERC20-Standard and will be based on smart contract that is linked to business milestones.

  • CYO token that have been redeemed to buy a license will not be burned but go back to cleyond and possibly enter the circle for reuse later.

  • At any given time, enough CYO token to buy 42 licenses exist (that is this is the max number of licensess to be bight and realized at the same time)

Number of CYO Tokens:

Token Price: Pre-Sale 1,50 €

Main Sale 2,00 €

Payable with: BTC / ETH / FIAT

Soft Cap: not needed*

*As we are a true utility token under German regulations and already have a working product we do not require a Soft Cap.

Hard Cap: xxx

Start PRE-ICO: Wed, 19th September 2018

Start Main Sale: Mon, 15th October 2018

End Main Sale: Mon, 15th January 2019

The Legal Stuff

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Terms & Conditions

Data Privacy

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Who can join?

Everyone who…..

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US citizens with letter of accreditation

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This ICO is under the strict regulation of Germany, so citizen of these countries will be exempt:

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CYO token adds to your personal legacy

The management team

CYO token is not any token, it is THE token that will take care that via blockchain you contribution to this important solution will be visible forever.

It’s a branded token.

As soon as you reserve your CYO tokens you can already choose your personal slogan and the branded name (i.e. maybe choose the name of your business). You might dedicate it to someone and/ or send an important message to the world that stays even when you should be gone one day.

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A token against the wave of waste

And remember: It's as real as it can be

It’s owner led. It exists (at Memmingen, Germany, that is). It’s an AG with early stage investors within the rigid legal framework of Germany. The mega trend to better resources management in combination with a valuable intellectual property plus a scalable business modell provides excellent chances for success.

CYO Token: Brought to you by a German team of seasoned engineers & entrepreneurs