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A Scalable Solution to a Global Problem: Plastic Waste

plastic procurement / waste management

Looking for an economic + ecological solution?

In vain, plastics procurement had been looking for an economic as well as ecological solutions for some time now. It always seemed to be a question of either / or: some offers where ecological but didn’t make sense from an conomic point of view and vice versa.

What if there would be a solution to procure high-quality recyclates at a reasonable price?

That would be great, wouldn’t it?

The ecological as well as economical solution. At last.

Loved by Nature

Nearly residue-free. The solvent used is non-toxic and reused at 99% level from loop to loop.

Quality Makeover

Compound plastics production waste is transformed into a high-quality raw material

Winner Combination

Now procurement does not have to decide between economic OR ecological options. With recyclates from cleyond you can have both.

Instead of burning & downcycling:

CLEAN LOOP technology based granulates

Meet the team

Andreas Nold CEO cleyond

Andreas Nold


In 2017, he would be the guy telling you that he is currently taking a break from his successful entrepreneurial activities – just to tell you two months later that he got involved with “an exciting endeavour some friends asked him to help out with” – that is cleyond / the CLEAN LOOP technology.

With a background in IT science, directly after the breakdown of the Berlin wall he started his first IT service company – and left it as a successful office material supplier ten years later. He and Jürgen Pfister met at his second enterprise ‘icubic’ (now Valantic) and are now eager to rock this boat together, too.


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Jürgen Pfister Head of Supervisory Board

Jürgen Pfister


He’s the one who recognized the opportunity when he learned about the cleantech project that was going on in Memmingen. The combination of a solution for a more sustainable plastic industry combined with a profitable business model made him one of the early stage investors.

Also, it’s him who got Andres Nold on board last year to set up structures paving the way towards growth and scalability of a so far genius technology that needed finishing touches for the Go2Market. His background is in IT science, and he collected intense entrepreneurial experience from several enterprises. The banking and software world of Frankfurt is his home turf.


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Tamer Baliklavayan Head of Procurement

Tamer Balikavlayan

Operations Manager / Authorized Signatory

He is an excellent example of the successful combination of creative problem-solving and the ability to add real value to the day-to-day business. With a solid but humble background as “Werkzeugtechniker” he worked his way up to being the logistics director of a medium-sized company.

He is the Swiss knife of everyday engineering problems, always finding a way to procure special materials that are needed. “Problems always carry their solution; you just gotta find out what it is” – that’s his mantra.


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Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Gnam Bio-Chem & Waste Stream Management Expert

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Gnam

Bio-Chem & Waste Stream Management Expert

On the surface, he’s the cleantech / chem expert on the team – when you visit the facilities in Memmingen you will be able to trace his influence wherever you stumble over setups with test tubes. However, to put him into the ‘expert’ niche would be short-sighted, as he is also sporting a very entrepreneurial mind.

This showed when he turned a massive cost risk into a business opportunity for his former employer, ratiopharm. He is the one providing the know-how link to science – holding a part-time chair for Waste Stream Management at the specialized “Hochschule Nürtingen”.


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Renè Gloor Special Engineering

Renè Gloor

Special Engineering

He would be the perfect man to show you around once you get the chance to visit the facilities in Memmingen as the plant as it exists now is mostly due to his making – from very first scratches on the floor to the working plant now. His background is in special engineering – a kind of Savile Row tailor helping you create the particular vision you got in your mind – only for engineering projects.

What started out as an external consulting gig, became his passion and he’s now a part of the core team as well as a shareholder of cleyond. Right now, he’s looking forward to getting pilot plant 1 live, proceeding to no. 2, 3 and enable scalability. 

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